Frequently Asked Questions – everything you need to know about the Chamber of Mysteries. 

Here we answer the most popular questions people ask us through their inquiries about our award-winning show The Chamber of Mysteries.


-How do I get there?
The best method is by taxi. Your tickets will include all the correct information and details to give to your driver.

-I have my own means of transport, can I use my own transport?
Yes, if you have your own means of transport please use it and use the Google map link below for your guidance to reach the venue.

-Is there public transport available to and from the venue?
Public transport now has a route that passes close by the venue so getting to the venue is possible by public transport. However when the show finishes it would be more difficult to find transport back since this would be late at night and no public transport passes by after the show. Therefore we do not advise using public transport unless you are ready to use a private taxi to return. The bus route is 64 and the stop is Hobz. (correct at time of update 29-9-2016). You can check the route here under Qormi: https://www.publictransport.com.mt/en/route/64

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-Where is the show held?
The show is held in a secluded part of the venue in a chamber that has been transformed into Malta’s only theater of magic.

-How long is the main show?
The show’s duration is approx 60-65 mins with no intervals.

-What time does the main show start?
Showtimes of each show available are indicated on the ticketing box office where you can purchase your ticket/s..

-Does the show incorporate light and smoke effects?
Yes, the show incorporates nontoxic and anti-asthmatic smoke effects and light effects. We do not make use of strobe effects therefore the show is safe for people who suffer from epilepsy. (Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions, certain effects may not be allowed).

-Is there audience participation throughout the show?
Yes, there is plenty of audience participation throughout the show and you may be requested to help out. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, no audience is allowed on stage so all participation will take place from your seat. 

-Is there a dress code for the show?
The dress code is smart casual.

-Is the Chamber of Mysteries show suitable for children?
The show is targeted for an adult audience but is also suitable for children. However, children under a certain age may not appreciate some of the more complex acts like those that involve mind-reading. At least one person 18 years or over, must accompany persons 17 years or under. Also please read the current Covid-19 rules and regulations re children attending shows.

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Purchasing Tickets

-Can I purchase tickets at the door?
No. Tickets can only be purchased online through our secure ticketing system and to be purchased in advance of the show. No tickets are available for sale at the door and we can only take in those who have purchased their tickets in advance online.

-What if I do not purchase tickets in advance and just turn up at the venue?
Please do not! We may not be in a position to accommodate you and will have to turn you away. We do not like disappointing anyone by doing that. If you really do not wish to miss the show,  you need to book now.

-Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes, tickets must be purchased and paid in full in advance.


Food & Beverages

-Is food and beverages available at the venue?
Yes, food and beverages are available in the restaurant, Razzett L-Antik, at the venue. At the moment, you can purchase beverages or eat at the venue after the show.  The restaurant specialises in traditional Maltese cooking. Since the venue is not located in a tourist area, you are guaranteed to be offered genuinely cooked Maltese dishes. While this may not be to everyone’s liking, it is authentic Maltese food locals expect to enjoy when sharing an evening out with their friends or family.

-Can I bring food and/or beverages up in the theater?
No. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, any consumption of any type of food or beverages is that which is only purchased from the venue and is to be consumed at a designated table in the main restaurant.


Are there any measures related to Covid-19 that I have to abide by, in order to watch the show?
Yes, we are currently implying all the latest rules, regulations, and guidelines set up by the respective local authorities in Malta.  By law, all guests are obliged to follow the rule and regulations in this link: Covid 19 Regulations.

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Any more questions?

-My question is not addressed above and is an intelligent one, how do I ask it?
If your question is not addressed above please contact us.