Traditional Maltese food prepared especially for you!

Experience a dinner that offers a vast variety of dishes made up of typical and traditional Maltese food.

The Original Night (Friday) Sample Menú*

(to choose one)

Maltese platter (for 2 persons)

With trio of dips, humus, bean pate, aioli and accompanied with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, olives & traditional Maltese bread with tomato paste.

Vegetable soup

Penne with grilled chicken breast, mushroom & cream

Main Course

(to choose one)

Braised chicken legs and thighs with tomato sauce, bell peppers & mushrooms and accompanied with baked potatoes

Roast pork with gravy and accompanied with seasonal vegetables and baked potatoes

Tuna medallions served with caper sauce & accompanied with seasonal vegetables and baked potatoes

Fresh vegetable & fruity curry sauce served on rice (V)

Stuffed seasonal vegetables accompanied by baked potatoes (V)


A platter of dates, bread pudding & hlava.

Tea of coffee

Beverage Package

Flowing house wine, still & sparkling water are included during the meal

Wednesday Night Sample Menú*
Maltese Night Special Buffet

C (celery), Gl (gluten), Cr (crustaceans), E (eggs), F (fish), M (molluscs) L (lactose), N (nuts),
Mu (mustard), P (peanuts), SS (sesame seeds) S (soya), SD (sulphur dioxide) G (garlic)

Antipasti / Starters

Bean pate with crushed garlic and drizzled with olive oil (V) G/Gl
Balbuljata (traditional Maltese scrambled eggs with onions & tomatoes) (V) E/G
Sundried tomatoes / Goat cheese (V) L
Ftira with tomato paste & giardiniera Gl
Stuffed olives (V) F/Gl/G
Maltese Sausage G
Traditional Maltese pizza (ftira), with roasted potatoes, onions, breadcrumbs & goat cheese (V) Gl/L/G
Deep fried ricotta ravioli Gl/ E/ L / fried rabbit liver SD/G
Fried vermicelli in egg & cheese (V) Gl/E/L
Snails with aioli SD/G
Accompanied by water biscuits and Maltese bread

Main Course

Succulent leg of pork – Mu/G
Lamb stew with curry rice – C/Mu/SD/G
Rabbit flamed in garlic – SD/G
Marinated roasted chicken with rosemary & cayenne pepper – SD/G
Stuffed marrows with rice, vegetables & cheese (V) Gl/E/L
Poached fish in caper sauce F/SD/G
Accompanied by traditional roasted potatoes & a selection of seasonal vegetables (V)


Platter of Nougat – E/N/P, Dates – Gl/E, Fried Pastry – Gl/E/L,
Cannolli filled with sweet ricotta – Gl/L/N, Bread Pudding – E/SD/N/L/E/Gl

Beverage Package

Flowing House wine & soft drinks and water are included during the meal

*Menús Subject to change without notice.

Other drinks, (eg beer, liqueurs etc) not included in the packages, available at extra costs as consumed.
Vegetarian/Dietary options available, please inquire upon booking.

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Traditional Maltese Food - Bread


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