The Most Amazing Show in Malta!

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The Chamber of Mysteries Show is the longest-running live production show in Malta

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Since 2011, Brian & Lola are amazing audiences coming from all over the world to visit the unique Chamber of Mysteries show. They promise you a night of entertaining fun and guarantee amazement with their phenomenal performance. It is a night you can not miss if you are visiting Malta, an experience in an exclusive venue with limited spaces available!


A Merlin Award-Winning Show

During this Merlin Award-winning show, (best Magic Show 2017) Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer, take the audience on a journey into a surreal dimension. They do this by performing mystifying acts leaving audiences of any age in awe and wonder. Experience amusing illusions such as floating objects flying right over your head.  We can not explain ‘The Cabinet of Spirits’ as this is an act that speaks all for itself. Be ready to ponder how Brian gets to read minds during his mind-reading acts. If that is not enough the predictions and other acts will WOW you for sure. Expect performances of pure magic a few meters away while still having no idea how it happens. This is only the tip of the iceberg and the rest is for you to discover.

You can easily describe some of the things you will witness, as things of a ‘paranormal’ nature. Who knows, perhaps they are? In short, the show does what it is set out to do and that is to give you an amazing night out in Malta!

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Suitable For Everyone

The show targets an adult audience however it is suitable for children as well. Most of the show forms a visually pleasing presentation together with live acts and great music, therefore language is not much of a barrier. However, our magician can speak four languages. This serves well during parts of the show when he communicates with the audience. Brian & Lola’s amazing presentation ensures a fantastic night out for all, with lots of audience participation. Your hosts spice up the evening with a pinch of humor making this an enjoyable experience you will never forget.

Discover The Secret – Malta’s Only Theatre Of Magic

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The show is set in a secret theatrical setting, within another building right in the heart of the central village of Qormi.  The venue itself is an authentic building with decorations matching the ambient of both the place and the show. There is very limited seating and everything is specifically designed for the show.  Seats all have a perfect view of the performing area and expect to see and enjoy the magic happening in front of you from any seat in the house. There is no other place like it in Malta or Gozo. 

Dinner Show Malta


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We schedule shows on a weekly basis throughout most of the year.  During the peak season (July-October) we may schedule more shows to accommodate more guests since seating is limited.

Dinner Show Malta

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Something Completely Different To Do In Malta

No matter which night you choose to visit, the highlight of the evening is the actual show itself. The Chamber of Mysteries Show is in a different part of a medieval building that now operates as a restaurant. Seating in the theatre is very limited and exclusive to those who book the show. Therefore if you want to experience something different, be sure to book your seats online now. No ticket sales are available at the door.


Please note that during the show special effects are constantly in use and these include the following:
Special non-toxic smoke that does not affect people who suffer from asthma or other similar conditions.
Light effects, that do not affect people suffering from any condition such as epilepsy.


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Merlin Award WinnerDinner Show Malta“BEST MAGIC DINNER SHOW”

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The Most Amazing Show In Malta!

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