Taking a ‘Break’ but Our Magic Will Be Back!

The Corona Virus has hit the island of Malta as it has done in most all other countries. We are at the very start of it but certain measures are already being taking around the island. With all these measures authorities are using, we feel it is our duty to do our part as well. The path the country is taking is to ease the spread of the virus, for as long as possible. As a matter of fact we prefer spreading some of our magic instead.

Although our theatre is small enough to not hold so many people, we still have to take some important measures. Therefore, we are cancelling all shows between 10th March up until at least 10th of April 2020. Our decision comes with a great understanding that we care for all our customers, staff and artists. Without them we couldn’t exist either.

All those who have purchased their tickets for any of our shows within the dates above will be refunded in full. Please allow us a few days for us to get in touch with you as we have to go through each and every order.

We are confident the present situation will ease down soon. We also believe that everyone will spring back to enjoy life, with a little more appreciation towards it. More than that we believe that the present situation will change the world for a better place.

Coming Back Soon

Our plan is to recommence this year’s schedule on the 12th of April, with the all new Family Fun Magic Show Easter Sunday Special. Hopefully things will settle by then. If not we will reschedule again.

In the meantime all we ask from you is to follow and share us on social media https://www.facebook.com/chamberofmysteries .

However if you want to help us, during these difficult times, you may do so by sending us a small donation by clicking here:


Any amount will be great and we really appreciate it!

Thank you, keep safe and see you soon.

Brian & Lola

Family Magic and Illusion Show Malta

The Family Fun Show – Magic and Illusion


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