Covid 19 Guidelines

It has been a long and difficult time for theatres, especially those small ones like ours, during these confusing times. Despite the ever-changing rules we have done a great job in creating the balance between peace of mind and maintaining your level of enjoyment during your visit to the Chamber of Mysteries. We want to ensure you both enjoy your evening with us and everyone involved is safe. We want to ensure our show is the best we can provide under the current conditions. We do this for our esteemed guests, the whole team and staff, and of course the artists.

We therefore follow and abide by the mandatory regulations set forth under the current laws as published by the respective Maltese authorities. latest update on July 2021 and we appreciate that all guests cooperate with us and read attentively and take note of the following points.

The venue is certified as COVID-19 Compliant by the respective local authorities. All requirements falling under the guidelines and regulations for the venue, such as disinfection, cleaning, hand sanitation supply, markings, and all other mandatory requirements are in place and carried out by the venue as required by the respective authorities.

Visitors are expected to follow the following mandatory rules and regulations set out by the relative Maltese Authorities in order for themselves and other guests to enjoy their evening and experience to the fullest possible manner whilst visiting the premises as instructed hereunder.

Before Coming
1. As required and mandatory by the authorities we are permitted to admit entry to the theatre only persons with a valid EU Vaccine Certificate accepted by the Maltese Authorities. Unvaccinated children are allowed access only when supplying an official proof of valid PCR test up to 48hrs prior to the show and must be accompanied by a certified vaccinated adult.
2. Persons who feel unwell and/or are displaying Corona Virus symptoms are kindly asked not to come to the venue.
3. Ensure you and every person within your group have a face mask/shield to be eligible for access into the performance area.
4. Contact details of at least one person attending the performance will be collected.

Upon Arrival
1. Before entry – By law we are obliged to check all guests’ temperatures using a non-contact IR thermometer and refuse entry to anyone found with a temperature of more than 37.2 Celcius or higher or anyone displaying partial or full symptoms of Corona Virus.
2. Refusal of entry – Guests showing symptoms similar to those related to the Corona Virus will be not be allowed to enter the venue and will be asked to leave. No refund for any upfront payment will be given to guests who have been refused the right of entry due to the above reasons.

3. On Entry – You are obliged to use the hand sanitizers provided as mandated by law.
4. On Entry – It is mandatory to keep on facemasks upon entry and exit to the venue and when moving around the venue, in the theatre, and while using restrooms,

Drinks and Food
1. No consumption of food or drinks is allowed in the theatre.
2. Drinks and food are available to purchase and consume from the restaurant only when seated at a table, after the show.

The Show
1. Making your way to the theatre – Patrons will be led to the showplace by members of the staff and will be required to act as instructed.
2. Before entering the showplace – Patrons will be asked to sanitize their hands and are obliged to wear a mandatory face shield/mask as required by the respective local authorities. Patrons are to supply their own face shields/masks and anyone not wanting or not able to wear such protection will be denied entry. Those people who cannot wear a face shield/mask either because it annoys them or for any other reason are asked to not book the show as we would have to deny your entry to the show.
4. Seating – Guests will be seated in their own bubble of groups of not more than 6 persons, 2mtrs aways from other bubbles. Bookings will be led and seated in respective groups of not more than 5 persons per booking into the performance area.
5. Leaving the showplace – When the show finishes, patrons will be asked to remain in their seats and follow instructions as given in order to make their exit orderly and safe for everyone involved.
6. Photos with artists – For the time being and due to social distancing, guests will not be allowed to take photos together with the artists for the safety of themselves, the other guests, and the artists.

After The Show
Contact details of at least one person per group will be kept for track and trace measures and will be passed on to the respective government offices if this information is requested as set by the current regulations and guidelines by the respective authorities in Malta.

Please note the management reserves the right of refusal to anyone not wishing or wanting to abide by the above mandatory conditions set out by the respective local authorities in Malta. No refunds will be given.  The above rules are subject to change without prior notice to reflect any new regulations that authorities may impose before these are updated on the website. If you are to visit prior to being given any notice of any update we will ensure that you are in line with all requirements to ensure the best possible fulfillment of your visit.