Venture if you dare for a night Of Fun, Mystery and Amusement
Experience Unbelievable Feats of Mind-Reading, Illusion and Close-Up Miracles in the Secret Chamber
Most importantly you are sure to be entertained by a number of acts that Defy Explanation
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The Most Amazing Dinner Show You Will Ever Find In Malta!

Since 2011, Brian & Lola have been amazing audiences from all over the world with their phenomenal performances during their show at the Chamber of Mysteries. We promise you a night of entertaining fun and guaranteed amazement. A night you cannot miss if you are visiting Malta in an exclusive venue with limited spaces available!


During the show, the hosts, Brian Role’ and Lola Palmer, will take audiences on a journey into a surreal dimension, performing mystifying acts bound to leave audiences of any age in wonder. Levitation,  amusing floating objects, mind boggling predictions topped with mind-reading acts that will WOW you. These are only the tip of the iceberg. The show is aimed for an adult audience, however it is suitable for children as well. One could easily describe some of the things you will witness, as ‘things of a paranormal nature’. Who knows, perhaps they are? In short, the show does what it is set out to do and that is to MYSTIFY you!

Secretly set in an intimate theatre, especially designed for the show and with limited seating, in the central village of Qormi, the show is is jam packed with audience participation and spiced up with a pinch of humour. Most parts of the show is produced as a visual presentation accompanied by great music, therefore language is not much of a barrier but even so our experienced magician, can speak four languages well. Brian & Lola’s amazing presentation is expertly executed, ensuring a fantastic night out for all, an experience you will never forget. 


TripAdvisor reviewer Mary W ★★★★★ “fantastic food, amazing entertainment great value” Reviewed 30 December 2015

Shows are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday nights throughout most of the year. During peak periods, additional shows are scheduled also on Friday nights. Those coming to the show on a Wednesday Night are in for a great treat as they have the opportunity to experience two nights out in one; a typical Maltese Night with an extended traditional cooked Maltese buffet meal and live entertainment during the meal, usually consisting of a duo musician and/or folk dancers, real ‘Malta Festa’ decorations and banners and of course the Chamber Of Mysteries show in the secret theatre!

Those coming on a Monday (or Friday nights) will also benefit from an inviting service and the menu consists of a three course menu with main course served as a buffet in pots on your table. Truly Maltese! Please check the menus to see the difference between menus offered on Monday and Wednesday nights.


No matter which night you choose to visit, the highlight of the evening is the actual show itself, which is held after dinner in the secret magical chamber. Seats in the theatre are exclusively limited so make sure to book your seats now, online, for a night to remember.

Please note that special Non Toxic Smoke (does not affect people who suffer from asthma or other similar conditions) and light effects (expertly set to not affect people suffering from Epilepsy) are utilised during the entire show.

Truly Malta’s most amazing night out!
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TripAdvisor reviewer Winsta2015 ★★★★★ “Amazing amazing amazing


The Venue

A Traditional Maltese Farmhouse Set In the Heart Of Malta

The Chamber Of Mysteries is concealed within the  of 1743 Razzett L–Antik, a traditional Maltese farmhouse built by the Knights of St John in 1743 and is situated in the medieval baker’s village of Casal Curmi, today known as Hal-Qormi).

It is here where the Chamber Of Mysteries is to be discovered and it is believed to have been a secret meeting place of wizards from the past, who used the thick walls of the venue to exclude their secrets from the outside world.

The main building itself was once a milling factory, to grind grain to flour for the daily bread and is over 400 years old which is why 1743 Razzett L-Antik dedicates its cooking to 1000 years of Maltese food and culinary heritage, specialising in the tasteful art of slow farmhouse cooking, with an entertaining style of service that promotes Maltese traditions. Service is rustic family style, making Razzett L–Antik the ideal venue to relax and appreciate traditional Maltese hospitality and culinary delights.

Now for the very first time in decades, the generous owners of Razzett L-Antik together with the help of a great wizard and his trust worthy partner have decided to share the mysteries of the chamber, within an extraordinary ambient, for those in search of experiencing something different during a night of wonder, danger, mind reading, illusion and feats that defy explanation which is why the chamber has now been transformed into an intimate theatre, with a comfortable setting and perfect views of the show from any seat. Malta’s only theatre of magic.

So, if one is seeking the thrill to be mystified and entertained, or just wants to be entertained with something unique and different, then look no further as only The Chamber Of Mysteries promises that unforgettable experience whilst in Malta.

Why don’t you come along and experience Malta’s most amazing night out in this authentic venue built by the Knights? You will be amazed!

Prices & Booking

Book Malta’s Most Amazing Night Now!

Booking in advance is required as seating in the theatre is limited to just 25 places. Seats are strictly offered on a first come first served basis and we cannot always guarantee availability, especially during peak seasons when tickets may be difficult to obtain, therefore booking online in advance is highly recommended and may avoid disappointment later. Remember, this is a great value for money night with several packages to choose from including return transport* from and to any hotel/important landmark in Malta, a three course meal* including starters, main course and traditional Maltese deserts, unlimited flowing beverages* during the meal and of course a great show worth as much as the whole package! As a matter of fact you can consider the transport, meal and beverage as a free bonus!

We can also offer The Chamber Of Mysteries for exclusive private group bookings on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. More information about regular and private group bookings below.


Regular Show Days

Monday Night – The Original Night
3 Course Meal + Flowing Beverage Package During Meal + Chamber of Mysteries Show + Return Transport
Price Per Person €48( Children Under 13 €32 )
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Wednesday Night – Maltese Night Special & Original Combo
4 Course Buffett + Maltese Night Live Maltese Folklore Entertainment During Meal + Flowing Beverage Package During Meal + Chamber of Mysteries Show + Return Transport
Price Per Person €52  ( Children Under 13 €36 )
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Friday Nights – The Extra Night
3 Course Meal + Flowing Beverage Package During Meal + Chamber of Mysteries Show + Return Transport
Price Per Person €48( Children Under 13 €32 )
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Chamber of Mysteries Show Only Option Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays
Dinner, Beverages and/or Transport not Included. Optional private transport may be arranged at an additional cost  and beverages can be purchased from the cash bar at the venue.
Price Per Person €20 (Children Under 13 €15)
To book Click Here

Transport and Pick Up Times
We offer two types of transport.
– Shared Transport: This is included in the price and will collect you along with other guests from any Hotel in Malta or major landmark to the venue. Pick Up times are between 18:00 and 19:15 depending where you are located. The transport will be waiting to take you and other guests back at around 23:30 – 23:45.
– We also offer private transport, which will be exclusive to you and your group only at an additional cost. Should you prefer this option please esquire during booking.

Please provided us with the correct pick up point during online booking. To book Click Here.

Please note that you may also opt to choose to come with your own transport, which is not recommended since the venue is not easy to find and also because alcohol is served on an unlimited basis during the meal, however if you choose to come with your own transport a discount of €6.00 per person will be given.

Exclusive Show Bookings

Private Group Bookings
Have the Chamber Of Mysteries exclusively for yourself!
Yes, we can cater for private group bookings from 4 persons up to 30 persons on any other night, ie Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. Many options for private group bookings available, including different and more elaborated menus. Ideal for celebrating special birthdays, hen’s nights, corporate events, staff parties, team building or any other occasion where you wish to offer your friends, colleges or employees something unique and special. 

For private group bookings only pleascontact us here .

Booking And Availability:
To retain exclusivity, The Chamber Of Mysteries Dinner and Show has very limited seating therefore booking is always required. During peak seasons availability may be difficult to obtain and advanced online booking is highly recommended. To check availability and book Click Here.




Chamber Of Mysteries – Malta’s amazing Night Out!

Inside the Chamber Of Mysteries


Brian Role’ shares secrets of the Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show with Debbie Jones during an interview on ‘Cruising with the Stars’


TripAdvisor reviewer RossL ★★★★★ Brilliant night out, and great value!

Frequently Asked Questions


-What transport do you provide?
In order to keep costs down for our guests, we provide a shared transport, meaning that our transport (usually a small coach or mini van) will pick up guests from various hotels on the night. Collection times vary but range between approx 6:30 pm to around 7:30 pm. A approx time of collection will be communicated during booking.

-Can you provide a non shared transport alternative?
Yes we can provide a non shared private transport that will collect your group exclusively for an additional cost that varies depending on where you are accommodated. Please inquire during booking.

-I have my own means of transport, can I use my own transport?
Yes, if you have your own means of transport you may opt to not use our transport. Just inform us during booking. There will be a deduction in price.

-Is there public transport available to and from the venue?
Public transport does not pass by the venue although it passes close by however when the show finishes it would be more difficult to find transport back since this would be late at night, therefore we do not advise it.

-What are the collection times and return times?
Collection commences from the upper north of the island (Cirkewwa) at approx 18:15 and vary accordingly. We will  provide you with a specific time frame when you book. Return times vary but guests are expected to return to their hotel between 12:00 and 1:00

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-What sort of cuisine is offered and how is it served?
Razzett L-Antik specialises in traditional slow farm house cooking. The service is a rustic type service and food is served as a family style service meaning that on Mondays and Fridays main dishes are served in pots and/or pans on the table and guests will be able to consume any item they would like. On Wednesday nights the main dishes are served as a traditional buffet, meaning you will be able to go to the buffet counter and choose from the various options available.

-Is the Wednesday night Traditional Maltese Menu` suitable for vegetarians or those who do not eat meat, fish or pork?
The menu` offered on a Wednesday night is not very suitable for guests who do not eat meat, fish and/or pork and we would suggest you visit on a Monday or Friday night. Also, If you do not like adventurous food such as snails and tripe then we would suggest you choose the non traditional night offered on Mondays and Fridays.

-What alternatives do you offer for vegetarians on Monday and Friday nights?
On Monday and Friday night a special vegetarian main dish can be especially prepared for guests who do not eat meat or fish. This has to be pre-booked and you may do so when booking.

-Do you offer alternatives for Dietary Requirements?
Yes we can offer alternatives for most cases of dietary requirements. Please inquire when booking.

-What drinks are included in the price?
You have a choice of Red, white and Rose` house wine, soft drinks (Fizzy drinks including Orange, Cola, Lemonade, Kinnie) and water which are all flowing throughout the meal. After the meal, any remaining drinks on your table can then be brought up to the theatre.  If desired, any other beverages (liqueurs, beers, etc) can be purchased from the cash bar on the night.

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-Is the main show held in the dining area?
No the main show is held in a different part of the venue, a room which has been transformed into Malta’s only theatre of magic.

-How long is the main show?
The show is aprox 60-70mins plus a 15min break in between. During the interval, if required additional drinks may be purchased from the cash bar.

-What time does the main show start?
On Monday and Friday nights, the show usually commences between 21:00 – 21:30. On Wednesday nights the show usually commences between 21:45 – 22:15 Please note that all times are approx.

-Does the show incorporate light and smoke effects?
Yes the show incorporates non toxic and anti asthmatic smoke effects and light effects. We do not make use of strobe effects therefore the show is safe for people who suffer from epilepsy

-Is there audience participation throughout the show?
Yes there is plenty of audience participation throughout the show and you may be requested to help out on stage but this is not obligatory.

-Is the show suitable for children?
The show is targeted for an adult audience but is produced to be suitable for both adults and children. Persons under 15 years of age must be accompanied by at least one person over 18.

-I do not wish to eat, is there an option to see the show only?
Yes we offer an option to come watch the show only. Price for the show only does not include transport, food and/or drinks however these can then be purchased from the venue and exclusive private transport at and additional cost can be arranged. Please contact us.

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Any more questions?
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